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Nghiên cứu đặc điểm thực vật của cây gối hạc (Tạp chí Dược liệu, tập 18, số 2/2013) PDF. In Email


Morphological Study on the Plant Leea rubra Blume ex Spreng

The plant Leea rubra Blume ex Spreng, named “goi hac tia”, has been used as a Vietnamese traditional medicine to treat rheumatoid arthritis and pain. Several species in the genus Leea widely existing in Vietnam are also vernacularly called “goi hac” and reputed to have similar effects. In order to provides characteristics for classification of a species in the genus Leea, this study describes the morphological and phytotomical properties of the plant “goi hac tia” (Leea rubra).

Keywords: Leea rubra, Morphology, Analytical phytotomy, Classification.


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